The King’s Shadows

Lynette · Ix · Ries · ARK · Farran · Maddie

A false prophet, a sham healer, a thief of belief — Lyn uses her skill at impersonation, her power to charm, and her encyclopedic knowledge of Eberron’s religions to steal from the rich and give to herself.

Lyn is a human bard played by Xespera.

A broken soldier, a sharpshooter, a substance abuser – Ix got hurt in the Last War, and it never got better. She staves off her fear of the inevitable end by fighting for what’s right — while she’s conscious.

Ix is a half-orc rogue played by TigerCrush.

A high roller, a chance-taker, a storm-weaver – Ries abandoned his legacy as heir of House Lyrandar for a carefree life of a gambler.

Ries is a half-elf sorcerer played by Lobosjr.

A black-market blacksmith, a crafted crafter, an uncertain creator – After building weapons for the Last War, ARK fell in with warforged fanatics and rebels. Now they work to build a better future.

ARK is a warforged artificer played by Chillbillain.

A street urchin, a shadow ninja, a feral fighter – Long long ago, there was a boy who tried to make his skill ultimate. Because of his bloody life, it’s no accident he was involved in the troubles.

Farran is a shifter monk played by Brandaravon.

A firebrand, a bodyguard, a wayward warrior – Madevra came up from the gutter with the goal of protecting others. She’s tried to do right in her life, but it hasn’t quite managed to stick.

Maddie is a human paladin played by FerretDev.