Athas is a world of fire and sand, where immortal sorcerer-kings rule the few cities that remain in the barren wilderness. It is a world of gladiator slaves, foul mutants, and renegade wizards. It is a world where survival is an every-day struggle.

But it can always get worse.

Bound together by fate and circumstance, a team of adventurers is witness to a vision of a grim future – all life consumed, all civilization shattered by the eternal Dust Kraken. Whether for justice or for glory, for riches or for power – these grim warriors now wander the wastes, trying to prevent a sinister cult from waking the Kraken and plunging all of Athas into inescapable doom.

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0.0 – The DESERTS of ATHAS

This is the beginning of the campaign – alas, we weren’t yet recording our episodes yet! I’ve tried to capture the important details, but videos don’t start until Season One.

Disparate adventurers – some seeking glory, others power, others still to preserve the world of Athas – are brought together when giants, bandits, and defilers attack the trade town of Altaruk. Sent on a mission by a merchant prince and taken captive by a megalomaniacal lich, the warriors are quickly caught up in a plot to seize an ancient artifact tied to the Dust Kraken, an ancient horror that sleeps deep within the planet, capable of devouring all life – or granting incredible power to whoever commands it.

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0.1 – TYR

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Arriving in the Free City of Tyr, our heroes seek out the Veiled Alliance – an underground cabal of preserver wizards – for their help in protecting the Dust Crown, an ancient relic, from the lich Yarnath. The Alliance, in turn, seeks aid in resisting revolutionaries loyal to the dead sorcerer-king. Pulling at the strands of the conspiracy reveals a coterie of strange cultists known as the Farheralds – devotees of the Kraken.

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Restoring Tyr to order and defeating the lich who seeks the crown, our heroes travel across the Ringing Mountains and the Forest Ridge to the distant Hinterlands. Here, they seek the aid of the Order, an ancient sect of psionicists, to help rid them of a final curse inflicted by the lich….

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Freed of Yarnath’s curse, the Order commands the heroes to undergo an exploration of a ruined city-state, Yaramuke, where strange sorcery has been detected. New friends and allies, a new Farherald foe, and a portal to the distant future lie below the Sundered City….

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0.4 – RAAM

Faced with a vision of the future – all civilization extinguished by the Kraken, as ushered in by the Farheralds – our heroes undertake a quest to seek out ancient columns hidden deep beneath the city-states of Athas. But Raam proves a daunting location to plumb the secrets of, and dangerous foes converge on the heroes once they happen upon the Mask of the Dread King, an artifact of a long-dead sorcerer-king…

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Flying with full speed from Raam, the team converges on Nibenay, discovering strange new allies and a host of conspiracies in the City of Spires. A confrontation with a dray champion, a power-hungry noble lord, and the Prince of Nibenay himself do little to simplify matters. And all the while, the sorcerer-king of Nibenay is conspicuously absent, leaving only chaos in the streets….

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0.6 – GULG

Dhojakt, Prince of Nibenay, leads the party to an ancient temple in the Crescent Forest, to begin amassing power in the hopes of taking back Nibenay from rebels. But first, the party travels to Gulg, where their attempts to seek out the ancient column bring them face to face with devil-masked templars, boastful nobles, and ancient feral beasts….

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Returning to Tyr, the party faces old adversaries and new as they contemplate how to pursue the legend of the Kraken. They march towards the barren south, encountering powerful new enemies, and life-changing circumstances…

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0.8 – BALIC

The escape from the lost city has left the players with even more questions than before. They seek answers in the east, on the hunt for the elusive pyreen, and some understanding of the pillars, and their true connection to the ancient Dust Kraken….

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0.9 – DRAJ

The final night in Balic raises many questions: the origins of the Beast, the return of Yarnath, and the fate of Andropinis. In search of answers, the party heads north, seeking to fulfill Hamanu’s divine command….

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Reunited once more, the party takes their leave of Draj and its god-king, only to find themselves facing a mysterious plague with origins to the north. When their captain is afflicted, they set off towards the Lost Cities of the north, following their destiny and Hamanu’s divine will. But faces from the past continue to appear in unexpected places…

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Oronis of Kurn, a reformed sorcerer-king and ascendant avangion, tasks the team with finding the lost city of Thamasku in the hopes of stifling the Farheralds’ plans once and for all. But the party is not agreed upon when Oronis’s agenda may be, and their journey takes them farther from home than they’d ever imagined…

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0.12 – The HEART of ATHAS

The machinations of the pyreen have been revealed. The ambition of the lifebenders has been witnessed. The hungry demon deep within the planet begins to stir. This is the end.

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