Wanderers of Athas

Antoria · Markus · Kade · Zorr’akk · Cassia


A hermetic hermit from Urik, Antoria is a preserver: a wizard dedicated to defending the world from the defilers and sorcerer-kings who use Athas as a battery for their own spells. Antoria’s devotion to the cause is absolute, and his willful determination to root out injustice and protect the world often leads him to make extreme decisions in behavior and courses of action. All the same, his steadfast conviction and his incredible survivability have made him the spine of the party, holding things together at their worst and leading the charge at its best.

Antoria is played by FerretDev.




A Herculean half-giant from the southern mountains, Markus’s journeys led him to join the others in Altaruk in search of riches and glory. When the team was seized by the lich Yarnath and sent after the Crown of Dust, Markus came into ownership of the black iron sword Shiivram, a sentient relic from an ancient age devoted to slaying evil. Markus and Shiivram have had a rocky relationship, owing to the half-giant’s malleable desires and loyalties, but the two usually manage to return to an understanding – and an appreciation for the thrill of battle.

Markus is played by Lobosjr.




An ambitious templar of Hamanu from the city-state of Urik, Lord Templar Kade Ulano was forced to flee his home when his sister, the templar Velaria, conspired to have Kade assassinated. Wandering the wasteland in search of answers, Kade found new purpose as a holy crusader of Hamanu, coming to believe his meeting with the party was divinely planned: a belief that was cemented after a vision of prophecy was delivered by Hamanu himself. 

Kade is played by TigerCrush.





A thri-kreen who has chosen to follow the path of the elemental cleric. Utterly dedicated to the healing power of water and the preservation of the natural world, Zorr’akk has traveled far from his ancestral “clutch” to journey the Tablelands in search of others who share his path towards defending the world.

Zorr’akk is played by Chillbillain.





A halfling bard who was taken from her ancient home as an infant, Cassia was forced to live in the mean streets of the Tablelands before a wandering arcanist discovered her latent magical talents, and took her in to give her proper training.

Cassia is played by Xespera.




Lost Wanderers

Marvent · Barrett · Zamitrix · Zaethus


A powerful sorcerer with dreams of grandeur and a swarthy manner. Marvent’s blue skin marks him as a pyreen, one of the ancient peacebringers, but his origins are a mystery even to him. His lack of restraint, his inexplicable sorcery, and his strange kinship with the ancient pylons connected to the Dust Kraken routinely put him chaotic circumstances. 

Marvent was played by Thefatwizard.






A neophyte druid from the Crescent Forest, who journeyed forth to seek aid in protecting nature from defilers and their ilk.

Barrett was played by Chillbillain.


A dray sorcereress from the lost city of Guistenal, Zami was a secret templar devoted to the sorcerer-king Dregoth, who died centuries ago.

Zamitrix was played by Chillbillain.


A rogue bounty-hunter from the distant east, Zaethus trusted few and tolerated even fewer.

Zaethus was played by Pikelord.


Erstwhile Allies

Kr’ktah · Brickner · Dhojakt · Breska



An aarakocra from the Ringing Mountains, Kr’ktah helped guide the team to Tyr in exchange for their aid in extinguishing an infernal tribe of gnolls. A master merchant, Kr’ktah has set up in the Free City to make his fortune.

Kr’ktah was played by Chillbillain.


A shadowkin of mysterious origins, Brickner is a rogue from Raam known to work with the Veiled Alliance when the situation calls for it… and the pay is good.

Brickner was played by Thefatwizard.


The secret son of the Shadow King, Nibenay, Dhojakt spent years trapped in the Serpent Tower with only arcane studies to keep him busy. A sadistic sorcerer, he aims to reclaim his city from the nobles that have overrun it.

Dhojakt was played by Chillbillain.


A former gladiator from Draj, Breska is a grouchy old mul that took up the serene path of a monk. He travels the wastes, opposing the machinations of the Farheralds and bringing justice those who most need it.

Breska was played by FerretDev.