The latest revision of the SPEEDRUN RPG rules is out! This is the ruleset used for 2016’s FAST FAIRE adventure, “THE HAND AND EYE OF VECNA.”

SPEEDRUN RPG is a compilation of the rules and automatic setup for running a “speedrun” version of D&D 5th Edition. The rules first debuted at Awesome Games Done Eventually 2015 (now known as FAST FAIRE.) It requires 5th Edition’s source books to play.

SPEEDRUN RPG is distributed for free and is not intended for profit – it’s just a new, fun way to play everyone’s favorite tabletop adventure game.

Version 2 includes: Revised/rebalanced class abilities, retooled items deck, completely revised Deck of Many Things deck, new races, new racial abilities, Demon Lord summons, and example artifacts for your game!

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