DARK SUN EP071 – Dagorran Demolition

The party heads east towards Draj, encountering a hardy mul along the way with a mysterious connection to the party’s affairs. But the real mystery is why there’s a gigantic beast rampaging through the city when they arrive…


DARK SUN EP070 – Departures

The party takes stock in the aftermath of their escape from Balic, and returns to Raam to make good on an old promise. But Antoria has business that takes him on a different path than the others…


DARK SUN EP069 – Rage of the Tarrasque

Yarnath is back! He’s got a beastie on a leash! Andropinis isn’t haven’t it! What’s the party to do? Will Balic survive the confrontation? Will THEY? Will Cazmir?!

This is our last episode for 2016 for both D&D and board games! Thank you so much for an incredible year. See you in 2017!