DARK SUN EP084 – Eldaarich, City of Fear

At long last, the party has made it to one of the mysterious cities to the north. But things quickly take a turn for the disgusting…

Apologies for the sudden ending to this ep! Things got a liiiittle crazy!


DARK SUN EP083 – The Feast of Dust

The party regroups in Bitter Well, but conflicting ideas about how to move forward may have to wait until a plague of ravenous hunger can be dealt with…

Apologies for the terrible sound on the DM mic in this recording!



Special guest TigerCrush joins us for the finale of our Eldritch Horror adventure, in which we face off against Cthulhu and his droves of Deep Ones! But the greatest danger may lie… within (!) (?!) (!!)

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DARK SUN EP082 – Metamorphosis

The party reunites with Antoria in Draj, and presents their finding to an all-too excited Tectuctitlay. Will their reward be worth the price they’ve paid?


DARK SUN EP081 – Flight

The final episode of Antoria’s sidequest in Urik! Faced with the mystery of his true parentage, Antoria encounters… a suspiciously broad cast of characters.



DARK SUN EP080 – The Land Within The Wind

We’re back! Returning from the Road of Fire, the players make a brief sojourn into another world to retrieve some vital artifacts… with the aid of a surprisingly sharklike spirit.